30 years of helping students find their educational path
18 January 2023
Every year we have more and more reasons to celebrate, but this year is special – for 30 years we have been helping students in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania and Serbia to achieve their educational aspirations.
The biggest thanks goes to you, our skilled partners, and to our employees who are the reason for 30 years of a successful business. The quality of their work results from the following factors:
1. A sincere interest in the desires and wishes of the students, which leads to an excellent knowledge of the market.
2. Exhaustive knowledge of institutions that leads to creating a perfect match with candidates.
3. Continuous education and monitoring of trends and changes in the world of education.
4. Constant communication with clients – from the idea to realization.
We firmly believe that our mission is to help students find their passion for education, personal goals and professional path in life which will lead them to the top of their dream careers. The first step to achieving this goal is to connect prosperous students with top educational institutions, and the World Education Fair is the right place to do it.
On our markets, the main point for successful marketing is contact with students and parents, and face-to-face events prove to be the most effective. These events are crucial in order to develop trust and a sense of security among parents and students
Although consultants are usually the first contact, representatives of universities, high schools and language camps are still the main characters. Nothing can give you that final push like the energy of an institution presented through its representative.
According to our experience, building trust and being present in the market is crucial in developing a visibility and positive image of the university for future students. We are proud to say that Integral Group has had (and is having!) constant growth in the number of applications, despite the uncertain environment that surrounds us.
We fulfill wishes for quality education and continued academic development abroad through a mentoring system and educational solutions adapted to the individual needs and capabilities of each client. The specificity of our services refers precisely to consulting and support at every step of the process of enrolling in an educational program abroad – from the desire and idea, through guidance, a support system and assistance in choosing the appropriate program.
With a large number of clients, we build trust from a young age by providing summer camp experiences. Over time, we guide them toward top-quality high school education, through which they create a strong foundation for admission to high-quality universities abroad. For all those who have a strong desire and motivation, with our help, enrollment in prestigious world universities becomes a formality.
We are always available to our clients and we try to nurture those relationships even when they are no longer students. Some of our first clients are now parents who continue to trust us by enrolling their children in language camps, and we consider this the greatest confirmation of our work.
With your help, of course! Let's build strong connections and achieve big things together. Join World Education Fair!
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